V2.9, 15-05-2019:

  • Added function Insert to place string in a string
  • Added ELSEIF possibility to code flow.
  • Now possible to use If .. then .. elseif .. then .. else ... (newline) on one line
  • Solved several bugs.
  • Added VersionInfo functionality:
    • 'Functions: SaveVersionInfoFile, LoadVersionInfoFile, VersionInfoPullRequired
  • Added readonly variable ITTOOLVERSION.
  • Added functions TBOpenBindingFile, TBCloseBindingFile, TBSaveToFile
  • Changed functionality for loading big text files.
  • Form Tabbutton can be selected as a variable.
  • Form & menu item properties can now contain 'not', e.g. '<Enabled>not #SETTINGSDISABLE#</Enabled>'

V2.8, 01-04-2019:

  • Added UserActions variable.
  • Added Usersettings functionality:
    • ChangeUserSettings, LoadUserSettings, CreateDummyUserSettingsFile functions added
    • SaveUserSettings, SetUserSetting functions added
  • Some bugs solved with the rules language. More use is now required for TBRefresh() to update the  textbox.
  • Solved small bugs.
  • Added property WordWrap to Databox
  • Form size is adjusted for high DPI
  • Added function TBLoadBackgroundImage to load background image (overriding the CueBanner).
  • Added AuxExtensionsScriptFile & AuxExtensions in settings.
    Based on these settings some extensions can be loaded as text or handled via script.
  • Added DCFILE variable for last doubleclicked file in treeview.
  • Added Scriptlanguage in Textbox.
  • Changed default tablength to 4 spaces.
  • Added DEVELOPERACTIVE variable as set by the advanced property 'Developer'
  • Added SETTINGSDISABLE readonly variable as set by the advanced property 'DisableSettings'
  • Added functions ChangeAppSettings and SaveAppSettings.
  • Added functions FillComboBoxItems, AddComboBoxItem and ClearComboBoxItems.
  • Added IT-Tool Script language
  • Added function CompareFiles.
  • Added function GetLinkerTimestamp.
  • Added Statusupdate variable to SyncFolders function.
  • Solved bug that Output was not overruled by input, if the output was not set via script.

V2.7, 01-03-2019:

  • Added Splash screen.
  • Added Possibility for company specific addon.
  • Added extra settings (including scrollbar for the status text)
  • Added functions for decryption/encryption
  • Added functions for unblocking files or folders
  • Forms Width and Height can get automatic values via AUTO, DEFAULT or AUTOIGNORESCROLLBAR.
  • Solved small bugs.

V2.6, 01-01-2019:

  • Added property Border to Databox.
  • Added TOOLTIP property to Databox, CommandButton and ScriptButton.
  •  Added property SelectOnFocus to databox.
  • Added new type TIME to databox.
  • Other classes versions are now connected with IT-Tool.

Any upgrade on another part will increase this software version.

  • Large log files bug solved, now header and footer text look good.
  • Foldernames can now also include _LINE_
  • Forms and Menus now can contain global variables, Form variables and Menu variables.
  • Added optional parameter IgnoreRun for Load and Close functions for Menus and Forms.
    When a RunScript is called, the current running script is not finished.

This limitation is normally not a real issue, but if scripts are run from another script or if a script is run during Form load (and the form is loaded via another script) then it might cause some issues. Therefore, this parameter is added so that Forms and Menus that are loaded or closed via script, will not perform the Load and Close scripts.

  • Added variable TVIGNORE. This, separated by ';', string contains values that if found in a file or foldername, it will not be shown in the treeview.
  • Added function TVSelectNode, includes parameter to expand the treeview.
  • PanelChange Sub added (also available in v2.5).
  • Added function TBCurrentLineColor and menu item for textbox.
  • SetControlProperty can now set properties for "TB" (Textbox), "TV" (Treeview), "IT" (IT-Tool main form), "ST" (StatusTextbox). Normally not used, handle with care.
  • FFScan now returns a string with all files instead of a boolean
  • Added functions FFClear and FFAdd.
  • Function ConvertTime can now handle more time input.

Also changed default format so that it can accept negative hours and more than 24. Added extra format options (0) to return a truncated number.

  • Added function SyncFolders, includes option to ignore files.
  • Added Tooltip propery for menu and toolbar items.
  • Added multiple Parsers, so added optional ParserName to functions in AddonTextFieldParser.
  • Added function ClearParser in AddonTextFieldParser.

V2.5, 01-11-2018:

  • Documentation completely rewritten in HelpNDoc, helpfile added
  • Forms: Added extra check on strange characters in folder paths when loading an XML
  • Forms: Added option for clearing log (default on) when a scriptbutton or command button is clicked
  • Forms: Added RunScriptFileOnLoad, RunScriptFileOnClose, RunScriptOnLoad, RunScriptOnClose properties
  • Forms: Label size and content for databox is default 0 and empty.
  • Forms: Added code to LoadProperties to set the default size of the form and the minimum and maximum size.
  • Forms: Added script and scriptfile properties per object.

Generic "RunScriptOnEvent" is now obsolete. 

  • Added function GetFSChecked, SetFSChecked and changed FSShow to select checkboxes in FileSelector.

When using #TRUE# in path when using load via files string, the selection box is set for that file.

  • Settings form now uses padding and color settings from main screen.
  • Added functions ShowTreeview, ShowTextBox, ShowHeader, FreezeSize, ShowForm
  • Add functions SizeFrozen, HeaderShown, TextBoxShown, TreeviewShown and FormShown
  • Treeview print contains now  header from  IT-Tool window text.
  • Added settings to include or exclude Addon's during initalizing.
  • Added CODEFOLDER as variable, so it can be set via code.

A treeview refresh should be done after that.

  • Added code and functions for Menu and Toolbar. (The Toolbar is a second menustrip.)
  • RestartApp bug (will not perform when run from form or menu) is solved.
  • Added functions TBGetRTF and TBGetHTML.
  • Added Log level editor to settings
  • Added function SetLogLevel to show Log level editor and change loglevel
  • TimeOutCounterDisable property is deleted (not used any more)
  • Added function TBGetLanguage, TBGetLineNumbers, TBGetWordWrap
  • Add function QuitApp
  • Scriptfile can now also have .ITS extension in treeview
  • Folders can be opened for files as well, renamed menu item.
  • RunScriptFileOnExit added to properties.
  • Add sub AddText with style.
  • Add sub TBAddMarkerStyle.
  • Add function ShowControl.
  • Added variables APPX and APPY
  • Added sub TBSetReadOnly.
  • Added sub WindowsState.
  • Added sub TVShowLines and variable TVENABLESCREENS.
  • "_#_" in the name of file wil remove the part before in the treeview node name.

'"_##_" in the name of file wil remove the part after in the treeview node name.

  • Added setting and shortcut F1 for opening a help file or url.
  • Added function SetProperty for Forms, Menu and Toolstrip items
  • Added checkboxes and cancel option to fileselector.
  • Added function GetFSCancel to check if the abort/cancel button on the FFS is clicked.
  • FSShow returns an empty string when the abort/cancel button is clicked.
    FS_Files still returns the previous set values!
  • Added functions FSLoad, FSClearFiles, FSCheckAll, GetFSItem.
  • Added UTCNow function
  • Added SetTLS function, default try to setsecurity protocol to TLS1.1 and 1.2, disable SSL3.0
  • Added functions XMLEscapeChars and XMLEscapeChars
  • Added options to include or exclude addon's during intialization.
  • Added extra functions and extensions for XDocument and Xelements:

XDocLoad, XDocGetElements, XDocGetElement, XDocValue

  • Changed SetClipBoard function with adding optional format.
  • TimeOutCounter is removed.
  • Added code to analyse for better eval recognizion after WHILE and between IF and THEN
  • #HASH# added as constant for '#', just like %#%. The last one will sometimes fail and is now obsolete!

This will also prevent Notepad++ to show a complete line In orange

  • Added function MsgBox (same as MessageBox) for convenience.
  • Added TextCompare functionality.
  • Changed properties for System, Username and ComputerName to functions:

GetUserName, GetComputerName and GetSystem.

  • Added IsValidFileNameOrPath function.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available.

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