V3.1, 01-11-2019:

  • Solved small bugs plus bug that program hangs occasionally (with splash screen enabled).
  • AddonDB: Added Gridview.
  • AddonDB: Added functions DBExportToCSV and DBGridViewToCSV.
  • AddonDB: Added function DBRecordCount.
  • Added option AUTOWITHSCROLLBAR for width. AUTO is now without extra scrollbar width.
  • Added #SCRIPTNAME# constant.
  • "RunOnce.txt" files can be run during initialization.
    They will also be deleted after the run.
  • Added VIRUNONCESCRIPT variable in VersionInfo to work with "RunOnce.txt".
  • CustomForm plus panel width is increased automatically for vertical scrollbar.
  • Added functions LVSetXML and LVGetXML to load or save Listview data per XML.
  • Msgbox is now per default on the foreground (system.model or 4096).
  • Added Flexible Messagebox via FlexMsgBox.
  • Menu textbox: Added properties ScriptFileOnTextChanged and ScriptOnTextChanged to Tool textbox
  • Menu textbox: Script & ScriptFile are now run on Value changed via script or via change aft lost focus.
  • Added Function SetFourthControlStatusText to add an extra text for the fourthcontrol in the lower statusbar.
  • Added variable LVROWS to return the rows in the listview.
  • Added functions GetNthDayOfNthWeek and GetWeekInMonth.
  • GetDate can now accept weeknumber and day of the week.
  • Added Interpolation functions.

V3.0, 01-08-2019:

  • AdddonOffice and AddonRumba are disabled for 64bit program.
  • AddonProcess: Added timeout PRTIMEOUT in milliseconds. -1 is indefinite
  • AddonProcess: Added watchdog PRWATCHDOG  (no changes in value for amount*5 milliseconds, output clears watchdog)
  • Requires minimum Windows Framework to 4.6.2 (was 4.0.0)
  • Added TextMaxSize setting for textbox.
    This will truncate text when the content Is too large. This will improve GUI response time.
  • Added text data file (like XML) with extension .DAT in treeview.
  • Added default  values in ShowExtensions and RunInAddOnExtension settings.
  • Added UseTreeviewAdvancedIconExtraction setting to choose which method to use.
  • Added script queue, functions RunScript and RunFile have an additional parameter.
  • A value change of a form databox  via script, will now cause modified events. If set, this will cause scripts to run in a queue.
  • Databox saves a value in tempvariable when set via script. When comboboxes items are added later, the tempvariable is used to set the item if it did not exist earlier.
    Note: This causes the following behaviour:
    • Assume a combobox with items 1 And 2,combobox has default value 2.
    • When Set via script To 3 And retrieved via script,  the value of the combobox returns 1 since 3 does not exist (yet).
    • When adding an item 3 to the combobox list, the selected item will be the last set value (3).
  • UserConfig (to get screen size and position from last opening) is now done per IT-Tool project.
  • Changed settings names: LoadUserConfigOnStart and SaveUserConfigOnExit
  • Solved bug in TreeviewPrint that second preview would cause an error.
  • Treeview print now also draws lines when node is a line.
  • Added Treeview printer options and methods: TVSetPrintOptions, TVSetPrintPageSettings & TVSetPrintPageMargins.
    Default layout is now A4, landscape, 2 columns.
  • Textbox printing now also contains images and styles.
  • Added code to change specific registry value to set Webbrowser emulation off,  when running as a administrator.
  • Added function ConvertFileEncoding.
  • Added Zip functionality.
  • INICommand is now obsolete, replaced with 'normal' functions.
  • Added registry functions RegSetValue and RegGetValue.
  • Added functions PathCombine and GetSystemPath to clsPath.
  • Added function ClickControl to remotely start click on ScriptButton, MenuItem and ToolBarButton.
  • Added size property to toolbar items:
    For textboxes if the size is set to 1000 or more or the value 'max', the textbox is set to the maximum available width.
    If the size is set to 0, autosize is enabled (default, when size is not set).
  • Solved bug that Tooltip is not shown sometimes. Tooltip is now reset on MouseEnter
  • Added Panels/Columns with headers: SetPanelHeader method added
  • Treeview nodes now also can contain variable names or settings/menu/form values.
  • Added possibility for extra controls, like a listview:
    • Function RemoveFourthControl, Variable FOURTHCTRLSPLITTER
    • SetControlProperty can now also set properties for "LV" or "FC"
    • Added functions ShowFourthControl and FourthControlShown.
    • Added variables and functions for a simple Listview.
  • Enabled themes (also required for listview groupings view), added visual styles setting.
  • Added setting: DisableEditOnExtensions. This will prevent the edit menu item on e.g. Word and PDF documents.
  • With developer setting enabled, a message is added to the log when an obsolete method or variable is used.
  • Added setting SingleClickExtension (works also on keyboard selection) to enable action on a single click, instead of a doubleclick for items with a provided extension.
  • Added RunAPIRequest function
  • RunWebRequest renamed To SendWebRequest, because it interfered with the 'normal' RunWebRequest function.
  • Added CheckboxItem

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