Screen Files have the extension “.scn” and contain the settings to generate a custom input screen. A Screen file contains at least the following setup:






               <StatusMessage>WebRequest Screen loaded!</StatusMessage>





                   log = ""

                   output = SCN_LENGTHVALUE


<RunScriptOnClose />

<RunScriptFileOnLoad />

<RunScriptFileOnClose />




        <!-- All components…        -->        



Width can be an integer or "AUTOWITHSCROLLBAR",  "AUTO",  "AUTOIGNORESCROLLBAR" or "DEFAULT" (230).  The AUTO mode will include some space for a possible vertical scrollbar. This is also the value when width is not provided.

Height can be an integer or "AUTO" or "DEFAULT" (500).  The AUTO mode is also the value when height is not provided.

The OrderCommand and RunScriptOnEvent properties are now replaced with RunScriptOnLoad, RunScriptOnClose, RunScriptFileOnLoad and RunScriptFileOnClose.

The UseVariablesOnClose sets the fields that needs to be stored for later. Normally when a screen is cleared or replaced by another screen, the input is gone and needs to be set again when the screen is loaded again. The UseVariablesOnLoad/Close will save the values on close or use them on load, while the program is still active.

The constant ‘#SCRIPTPATH#’ will return the path current folder path for this SCN file.
This will  make it easier to refer to another file, without having to use the actual path (which may change over time).

The components can be different types.  See the following sub paragraphs.

With the following functions, (some of) the properties of components can be set at an lower level. ClickControl will trigger the associated script to run. ClickControl will only work on MenuItems, ToolBarButtons and ScriptButtons.

ShowControl(name As String, visible As Boolean) As Boolean

Makes objects in a Form visible or invisible

SetControlProperty(ControlName As String, PropertyName As String,

                                Value As String) As Boolean

ClickControl(Name As String) As Boolean

Special controlnames are "TB" (Textbox), "TV" (Treeview), "IT" (IT-Tool main form), "LV"/"FC" (other main controls like Listview) and "ST" (StatusTextbox). Normally they should not be used.


It is possible to send an OrderCommand if the screen is loaded or closed.  This can be used to set the styling of the textbox, but also to initialize variables or save the values to a file.

The RunScriptOnEvent script is run when one of the databoxes events are triggered. To check for which event is fire, the appropriate variable is changed to ‘TRUE’          

#VE_COMPONENTNAME# for Validated Event (after lost focus)

#IE_COMPONENTNAME# for Instant Event (after each change)

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