It is possible to run a HTM(L) in IT-Tool. In the settings.xml file, add “HTM” and “HTML” to the ShowExtensions setting. Now the .HTM(L) file within the code folder, will be shown in the treeview.

However, the file will be run via the external default windows program.  When “HTM” and “HTML” is also added to the RunInAddOnExtension setting, the file will be viewed in the Web Browser AddOn. This has however some limitations and is in general not recommended (compatibility settings are always according the registry, often standard in IE7).

Also link files (.url) can, if properly set in ShowExtensions and RunInAddOnExtension, open the url in webbrowser.

With the variable WBOPENHTMLINCTRL, it can be set if the external files are opened in an internal control or in an external form (default).

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