What is IT-Tool?

IT-Tool is basically a free script interpreter with some, easy to use, interface possibilities. 

The script is similar to VB, more simple but with some nice features. But any limitation is however compensated with some powerful libraries!

Scripts are easy to write and can be altered and expanded on the fly, thereby creating instance benefit.

What's the use?

IT-Tool was first created as a tool to handle administration tasks. Later it was also used by for testers and application managers to assist in testing applications and automate testing.

The script language contains (very simple, but powerful) functions to analyse and filter large log files, test web services and API's, create mocks, read databases and many more.

Extra libraries are added for e.g. network analyse, SFTP, regular expressions, Rumba (terminal emulation software) automation, MS Office automation, using PowerShell scripts, etc.

Also extra functions are added to control the layout of the screen so that each script and/or person can have the interface that he or she needs.

All this build-in functionality provides easy and rapid development of (semi) automated test cases, just via text files. But it can also be used for e.g. troubleshoot scripts on servers, automated deployment, file copy or editing playlists on a local audio server.

How does it works or looks?

Also menu-bars and tool-bars and forms (all via a simple XML file) can be added so that multiple sub programs can be created within one program.

The example below shows an example with the use of Forms, Menu, Toolbar, Listview, a separate input form, etc.

Within one project we can use multiple screens and layouts, all set via simple XML and script and all capable of interacting with the scripts to be run.


What are the costs?

The program:                 Nothing, none, zero and null costs; (but you can donate via www.lydo.nl )  

Harddisk space:         <4Mb (without scripts, data, etc.)

Time to learn:                That depends on experience. However, with the provided examples and this manual, the first useful scripts can be made very quickly. And from there, with experience, more scripts will follow.

What are the benefits?

In time, it can save a lot!  For some API testing, the test time changed from 2 days to 30 minutes! And this was just semi-automation on live data, so no automation with fixed input and output.

The same scripts with a simple interface can be used by the application manager for troubleshooting, without the need for more technical tools like SoapUI. 

But what about the boring and tedious things before and after the actual test? IT-Tool can be used for creating mocks, prepare test data and obtain logging with a mouse click.

Since IT-Tool can start or open other documents,links, programs and batch files, it can also be used as a 'startpage' for one or more projects.

Where to start?

The program and examples can be loaded via www.lydo.nl . The software can be unpacked at any location, no instalment is required. You can just try and see from there.

But it is preferred to first read the 'Welcome', 'Overview' and 'Getting Started' pages.

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