This special behaviour is made with large log files in mind and to avoid problems with the textbox update when handling large texts.

When a script is started, the "Input" variable is filled with the textbox contents. This input variable can now be used within a script.

Any changes will not have any effect on the textbox during execution. Only when the script is finished, will the "Input" variable content be shown in the textbox.

There is however also an "Output" variable that is empty when a script has been started. When this variable is set via script, IT-Tool will ignore the "Input" variable when the script has finished. The "Output" content will be shown in the textbox.

This means that the textbox can not be changed during script execution by using "Input" or "Output". To change the textbox during execution, we need the variable "Text". This will change the textbox content ant once. However, when the script has finished, the textbox will show "Input" or "Output" again. If we want to keep the current text, one of the last lines in the script should be :


This will prevent the code to update the textbox contents and (previously set) style.

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