‘ till end of line


/*  Remark block */

Remark Block

Var, Dim

Declare variables

INCLUDE “FileName”

The content of the provided file is placed on the include location.

IF <Evaluation> THEN


ELSEIF <Evaluation> THEN





It is allowed to use a complete IF .. THEN .. ELSEIF .. THEN .. ELSE ... (newline) on one line. The linebreak will act as an ENDIF and is not allowed then.

Otherwise the IF, ELSEIF, ELSE and ENDIF statements should all be placed on separate lines.

WHILE <Evaluation>




This is the correct way to write ‘WHILE’ statements. Do not use the ‘WHILE’ statement and code in one line. An ‘EXITWHILE’ statements will leave the associated while loop. ‘While’ statements may be nested.

GOTO LabelName


LABEL: LabelName


When a label is defined, the GOTO statement will continue the code at the label position.

‘GOTO END’ will stop the code.

SUB: Subname



CALL SubName

Code between a Sub and Return are only run, when called. The sub code can call itself recursive, only no local variables are present.

LOOPVAR = [var1;var2;..;]




The Loop statements work  identical to the old commands. Loop statements may NOT be nested.

VariableOrCommand = “Text”

VariableOrCommand = [Text]



Text may be defined in one line by “ “ or over multiple lines by [ ]

Also Text can be set via an opening and closing tag where the name is in uppercases.

VariableOrCommand = “#VAR#”

VariableOrCommand = Var

A variable or constant can be placed within a string by placing the name in uppercase between ‘#’, or can be used directly.

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